At the end of 2018, the group agreed on its particular aims for 2019. They are:-

  • Record oral histories, including transcriptions/interview logs and deposit with NFSA.
  • Work collaboratively with NFSA to at least maintain NFSA funding and support for 75 Oral History interviews annually (previous goal as per NFSA Strategic Plan 2015-2018).
  • Make a substantial case to the NFSA that funding for transcripts of Oral histories should be mandatory. Behind our advocacy of this practice is the reality that an oral history without a transcript is like an oral history that has not been recorded in the first place. Potential oral history users will not, as a rule, consider accessing an interview unless a transcript exists.
  • Continue to build AMOHG as an effective and worthwhile organisation. This will include AMOHG’s better utilisation of its website and social media, and attracting new and,  where possible, younger AMOHG members.
  • Continue to enhance craft skills in interview techniques. Organise presentations to AMOHG members using expert speakers – publicise and disseminate these talks as widely as possible.
  • Request that NFSA’s Mediaflex and Search the Collection entries acknowledge that specific interviews have been recorded by AMOHG members. (We note that occasionally for interviews recorded between 1998 and 2006, records acknowledged that interviews recorded by members of AMOHG’s predecessor body, the Film and Broadcast Industries Oral History Group, were “part of the Film and Broadcast Industries Oral History Group (FBIOHG) and the National Film and Sound Archive’s Oral History Program.” We note that this acknowledgement was for only a small minority of FBIOHG-connected interviews recorded during that period. We are unaware as to why the acknowledgement process was abandoned in 2006.)
  • Commit to recording AMOHG members’ achievements annually
    There is a need to emphasise AMOHG’s utility and value to the NFSA, to scholars, to the screen industry and to Australian history in general. It is proposed that individual members take the time to provide a list of their oral history subjects interviewed, papers presented, craft lectures given and any other relevant achievements during each calendar year.
  • Establish how AMOHG can best support the NFSA whilst also achieving its own aims and goals.

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