We record Oral History interviews . . .

. . . with a wide range of people in the audiovisual industry in Australia. Most of these are arranged in association with the National Film and Sound Archive, and are lodged there.  As a quick guide to the range of those interviews, some AMOHG members have listed a selection of their interviews on this website. See Activities.

We meet as a group . . .

. . . sometimes to plan group strategies, sometimes to discuss techniques of recording, researching or using oral histories.

General meetings were suspended in 2020 due to the Covid-19 crisis.

Previous meetings have started with a member or guest presentation on a particular aspect of oral history recording – with emphasis on the film, television, radio and online media sector. This is followed by a general meeting to discuss the group’s ongoing issues.
The working group meets every two months, using Zoom when necessary. Active members of the working group are indicated with a * on the who we are page.
As an informal working group, we have no formal Chair or Secretary: these positions are rotated at each meeting.