Looking for someone?

You can search the entire AMOHG site for any mentions of a name, or any other word or phrase. It is usually a two-step process; firstly to find the right page or pages, and secondly to locate the name or term on that page. Here are a few tips:

Search the entire site


Enter your search term in the search bar near the top of the right-hand column, and press enter to search. (You can also use the search icon at the very top right of the page)

Enclose your search term in quotation marks to limit the search to that exact name or phrase. Examples:-

  • “Sid Smith” will just find the pages that mention Sid Smith.
  • If you simply search for Sid or “Sid”, the search will find every Sid, and also Insiders or consider. To find just Sid, add a space after the name (thus “Sid “).
  • Sid Smith without quotation marks, will find all pages that include the names Sid and Smith somewhere on the page, not necessarily together, not necessarily complete words. (eg a page that mentions Sid Jones and Tom Smith, or even  Arrowsmith and Sidewinder).
  • The search is not case-sensitive: sid and Sid and SID are all the same.
  • (advanced tip: include a minus sign to exclude words from your search. Thus Sid -Smith would find pages that mentioned Sid but not Smith.)

The search results only show which pages or posts include your search term not where it is on the page.

Search a single page

ctrl-f-2To locate the term exactly, open the page shown by the search, then press ctrl-F and enter the term you are looking for in the small search bar that appears in the top-right corner.

Every instance on that page will be highlighted.

The syntax for the ctrl-F search bar is different. It treats quotation marks as part of the search text, and simply finds instances of the exact text as it’s entered. Thus:

  • Sid Smith finds all instances of Sid Smith, but not Sid Jones.
  • “Sid Smith” won’t find Sid Smith unless the name is in quotation marks on the page.
  • The search is not case-sensitive.

More places to search

nfsa-stcThe National Film and Sound Archive’s database lists over three million items in its Search The Collection database, ranging from production stills to oral histories – as well as often multiple versions of productions in a range of media. Searching is therefore a little more complex. While the basic search tool uses the same rules as the AMOHG site as described above, there is far more to it.

A while back, Martha Ansara provided a detailed view of the intricacies – published here in a paper called Finding Oral Histories.