Alphabetical list (2003-May 2020) (see below for quarterly links since 2017)


At every meeting of AMOHG, and FBIOHG before it, we have recognised those in the industry who have passed away in the previous quarter. It has always been a brief opportunity for those in our group who knew them, to share memories. Many of them – directors, writers, broadcasters, cinematographers etc – have left a body of work behind which serves as a lasting memorial. The most celebrated have been written about. Some – sadly, too few – have recorded oral histories of their reminiscences, describing not just their own lives, but their work in the industry, and their interactions with colleagues. But all of them have left memories in the minds of those around them.

Those lists exist in the minutes of AMOHG meetings going back for some years. We share those lists – and maybe some of the memories – here on our website, together with a selection of links to help readers learn more.

The names are listed by each quarter-year, according to the meeting at which they were remembered. Click on the years/quarters at the top of this page to see them.

Since 2017, we have posted a list of those remembered at each meeting (with notes and links)

Lists and links

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It’s  a work-in-progress. The most recent entries are complete with links, photographs and reminiscences or tributes where they are available. Entries from before 2017 only appear in the overall alphabetical list.

Now we invite readers to add comments, reminiscences, or links to other information about those featured here. Please post in the comments section at the bottom of each page.

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