Members of AMOHG’s working group met with NFSA’s CEO Patrick McIntyre and Head of Collection Jacqui Uhlmann at NFSA’s Sydney office recently. Some members were also able to participate via MS Teams videoconferencing.

In the photograph, from left to right:  in the room-  Will Davies, Graham Shirley, Margaret Leask, Dominic Case, Julia Overton, Patrick McIntyre. Then on screen- Geoff Gardner, Jacqui Ullmann, Storry Walton. And back in the room- Malcolm Smith, Rod Freedman, and Catherine Shirley.

2 thoughts on “Our meeting with Patrick McIntyre at NFSA

  1. This was a very positive and productive exchange of concerns about the status of oral history at NFSA and making it more visible and accessible to the public.. Sadly, NFSA continues to be hampered by the devastating cuts it has suffered under successive governments. I wonder if there’ll be better treatment by the current government?


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