DavidBowmanNewspaper editor, critic 1930–2021
  • Long-standing editor of Sydney Morning Herald  whose obituary is here
  • A collection of his articles in Muckrack
  • Canberra Times obituary by Peter Browne
  • Tweet by John Pilger “David Bowman, former editor-in-chief of the Sydney Morning Herald and one of the finest journalists I have known, has died. David was a meticulous, moral editor whose book, ‘The Captive Press’, was rare in understanding the pernicious influence of Murdoch. I salute my friend.”
  • Author of The Captive Press (1988)
  • No oral history


JImGrahamABC newsreader 1957 –Dec, 2020
  • Jim Graham, ABC Radio Melbourne newsreader, dies aged 63 (ABC report)
  • He had been on the ABC airwaves in Victoria for more than 20 years, with a radio career stretched back several decades (Radio Info)
  • His last news broadcast (on YouTube)
  • No oral history

sandy-harbuttSANDY HARBUTT

Actor, TV, film, and theatre 1941 – 21 November 2020
  • (Wikipedia):an Australian actor, writer and director, best known for the bikie film, Stone (1974). Although it was very successful at the box office, this remains the only feature he has ever directed. He was once married to actress Helen Morse.
  • IMDB listing
  • George Miller’s classic deserves its legacy, but Harbutt’s bikie film was out five years earlier – with four of the same actors, and a character called Bad Max (Guardian interview with Harbutt in 2019)
  • Several short interviews held by NFSA, including an on-camera one recorded by Mark Hartley for the latter’s documentary, Not Quite Hollywood (2008).


ayten-kyululu2Actor, director – theatre & film 1930 – 2019
  • Born 1930 in Turkey, she came to Australia, directed two films, one of which is a feature, and then returned to Turkey. (Ozcin)  She was the first woman to direct a feature film in Australia since the McDonagh sisters 35 years earlier.
  • IMDB listing: Ayten Kuyululu was born on August 30, 1930 in Turkey. She is an actress and writer, known for The Golden Cage (1975), A Handful of Dust (1974) and Homicide (1964).
  • OzMovies notes on The Golden Cage
  • SMH clipping of The Golden Cage review 1974
  • Australian Screen Online entry for The Golden Cage (with video clips)
  • No oral history


jon-lewisStill photographer, video & film documentary director – No oral history. 1950-2020
  • Jon Lewis was born in Maryland, USA, and came to Australia in 1951. Self-taught, he spent the early years of his career working as a social photographer and film maker . . .( National Portrait Gallery bio)
  • Apart from his photography, part of Lewis’s enduring legacy will come from the many younger photographers he taught and influenced, both privately and at UTS in Sydney.(Sydney Morning Herald obituary)
  • Photo gallery at http://www.jonnylewis.org/
  • No oral history.


James-McCarthy-1536x1024Music Officer, Film Australia; audio archivist, critic 1940-2021
  • Born in Tamworth in 1939, McCarthy worked as a production assistant at Film Australia from 1959 to 1964, before taking up the role of Director of Music at Film Australia from 1964 to 1986, producing 200 documentary film scores. (Limelight Magazine)
  • James was manager of the Sydney office of NFSA for ten years, and a long-standing member of AMOHG and FBIOHG before it.  Some members of the group add their tributes.
  • Oral history at NFSA. (Listing only here)


suzie-maizelsCasting agent 1943-2021
  • Susannah Jane Maizels, universally known as Susie, was held in the highest esteem by actors, producers and directors. The Australian film and television industry is the lesser for her passing. (SMH tribute by Tony Buckley and Tim Read)
  • Susie Maizels is known for her work on Lantana (2001), Jindabyne (2006) and Cappuccino (1989). (IMDB)
  • In 1983, Susie cast a young actress with a lot of promise in a film called BMX Bandits – it would help launch Nicole Kidman on an incredible career trajectory. Tribute by David Newman in Campaign Brief
  • “Susie had a tremendous life force that always shone out beyond the physical,”:  tribute by Sasha Hadden in FilmInk.
  • TV interview (13mins) by Darren Gray c1990 (broadcast on CTV1 cable TV).


eljah-mojinskyAustralian opera director, theatre director and television director 8 January 1946 – 14 January 2021
  • Elijah Moshinsky was born on January 8, 1946 in Shanghai, China. He is known for his work on Theatre Night (1985), Genghis Cohn (1993) and Screen Two (1985). He was married to Ruth Dyttman. He died on January 14, 2021 in London, England. (IMDB)
  • Opera director who came to prize directness and psychological insight over deconstruction and irony (Obituary in The Guardian)
  • Moshinsky made a number of television films, mostly of operas. Non-operatic works, mainly for the BBC, include a number of Shakespeare‘s plays, televised between 1980 and 1985:  (WikiPedia)
  • Moshinsky had  a special relationship with both the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden and Opera Australia. In February 2019, he was awarded Opera Australia’s highest honour, the Opera Australia Trophy. (Limelight tribute)
  • No oral history


blake-murdochEntertainment trade (especially film) journalist 1962-2020
  • Much-admired Australian entertainment journalist, and decade-long correspondent for VarietyBlake Murdoch has died. He was 58. (Variety)
  • A collection of tributes appeared on Debbie Kruger’s Facebook page. She is happy to share it with other Variety mugs
  • No oral history


lesley-stern-200x200Film critic and scholar 1949 – 2021
  • Biography on Lesley Stern’s website
  • “Lesley really knew how to strike a pose and make a gesture. She knew how to stand, deliver and perform.” A tribute by Adrian Martin in ArtsHub
  • Stern taught in a number of universities around the globe (including at the University of Zimbabwe; Glasgow University; La Trobe and Murdoch Universities; The University of New South Wales; and University of California, Irvine) before moving to University of California, San Diego in 2000, where she was Professor of Visual Arts until 2013. (Duke University farewell)
  • “A writer celebrated most recently for bridging non-fiction and cultural analysis and making prose come alive with visual and sensory detail, Lesley Stern’s reputation was first established through her foundational contributions to film theory and history over more than four decades, ” In Memory of Lesley Stern – University of San Diego
  • Q&A session with Lesley Stern (20mins video, venue unstated)
  • “How Does (the) Cinema Feel About (the) Animal?” Talk by Lesley Stern presented at the Monash Conference Centre, 2015 on SoundCloud
  • No oral history.