The Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications and the Arts is calling for input to inform a new National Cultural Policy. Some members of AMOHG have worked on a submission which we have posted here.

Key points include the following (but there’s more if you visit the page. . .)

  • Over its 30-year history its members have recorded more than 450 oral histories for the National Film and Sound Archive (NFSA), preserving the memories of media practitioners, commentators and theorists in a vast range of diverse roles.
  • AMOHG believes that the preservation of Australia’s cultural, and political, collective memory via the firsthand experience of those who have contributed to it is one of the first building blocks necessary to ensure that the nation’s history is recorded and preserved.
  • A particular concern of AMOHG is that the huge library of oral history in the collection of NFSA – over 6,000 recordings – is little known, has serious problems of easy access and therefore is little used.
  • By definition, the task of a collecting institution grows ever greater, as newly-created material is added to existing collections – and as the range of technologies used to create and access the works continues to expand.
  • High quality, professional and ethical management of our cultural institutions and the direction given to them by their Boards and Councils is crucial. Boards and Councils should not be the subject of appointment by political preferment.

Read the rest of the submission here.

And consider making your own submission – as brief (or as full) as you want it. Visit , where you can also read about 50 (so far) submissions by other people ad organisations, to get the feel of it.

Don’t delay.

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