AMOHG has produced a video of three of its members discussing their interest in oral histories as well as technical changes that affected the media industry.

This video was recorded from a Zoom meeting in November 2020 and runs for 55 minutes.

The participants are Dominic Case, Rod Freedman and Graham Shirley with the moderator  – Malcolm Smith.

AMOHG appreciates the generous support of Joshua Marks – for his help with post production.

Dominic Case was technical manager of film laboratories Colorfilm and then Atlab over thirty years, and a board member of the Australian Film Commission.

Rod Freedman is an independent director, producer and executive producer whose documentaries have won many Australian and international awards.

Graham Shirley is a film historian and archivist, documentary director, researcher and oral historian.

Malcolm Smith has held senior management roles in film, television and new media organisations in Australia over a fifty year career.