The Film and Broadcast Industries Oral History Group (FBIOHG) was formed in April 1991 as an independent body in response to the growing concerns of oral historians and Australian filmmakers that the National Film and Sound Archive (NFSA) was no longer doing enough to encourage the recording and dissemination of the oral histories of film and broadcast industry veterans. FBIOHG was also inspired by a desire to help support, encourage the systemisation of, extend and promulgate the NFSA’s oral history collection beyond NFSA’s then current operation. In the years since the early 90s, the NFSA has markedly increased its oral history activity, with FBIOHG interviewers making a pivotal contribution.

Oral_History_group 2013Some FBIOHG members in 2013

From May 1994, FBIOHG held regular meetings at NFSA’s Sydney office. The NFSA made its meeting room available, and key relevant staff attended FBIOHG meetings. The NFSA also provided recording equipment and media for interviews, received and preserved the recordings, arranged the transcription of many of them, and increasingly profiled oral history on its website. The NFSA also, in later years, paid professional rates of pay to FBIOHG interviewers and other oral historians for the interviews they had conducted for the NFSA. For their part, FBIOHG members contributed advice on oral history priorities and practices as well as a variety of other NFSA-related issues.

In 2016 FBIOHG reviewed its aims, activities, structure and institutional relationships.

Following the review it was decided to change FBIOHG’s name to AMOHG and to support its reviewed description and aims.