Audiovisual Materials: Preservation in Practice

is a 20 minute video produced by AMOHG member Rod Freedman for the National Archives of Australia, who in turn were commissioned by the International Centre for Documentary Heritage, a branch of UNESCO based in South Korea.

Rod writes . . .

“The brief was to show practical aspects of how the NAA preserves film, film sound, videotape and audio materials. The audience is mainly people working in other archives in other countries, likely less well resourced than Australia. But anyone who’s accessed archival materials will find it informative as it shows what happens ‘behind the scenes’.

“There’s been a lot of publicity recently about the urgent need for more funds for the NAA to do its job properly – magnetic media is deteriorating, the machines to run them are obsolete and hard to find and the technicians who can service and repair them are very scarce, with no-one being trained to take their place. These issues of obsolescence and the urgency of digitisation were only slightly touched on in the video, as it was not my main brief.

“Any responses welcome or please leave a comment on YouTube.

“PS There are no credits on this version, but thanks to AMOHG member Joshua Marks for his terrific cinematography. Josh’s partner, Karly Marks was the editor.”