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Visit ABOUT to learn about AMOHG itself: our objectives, our story, who we are, and how to contact us.

Visit ACTIVITIES to learn about a selection of interviews that our members have recorded. Note that generally, full-scale interviews recorded by AMOHG members are lodged with various collecting institutions (mostly the National Film and Sound Archive), and we are unable to provide direct access to them. However, where possible we will link to the catalogue entries. Also see some pages about activities at other collecting institutions.

Visit RESOURCES for a wider range of information: more about the nature of Oral History, as well as activities and links to other institutions and organisations.

Every AMOHG meeting includes a moment when we pause to note those in the AV media industry whom we know have recently passed away. Visit VALE to see those lists, with a selection of links to obituaries, IMDB entries or other items by or about the particular people.

To keep the menu to a manageable size, a few of our earliest entries – mostly transcripts of talks given by AMOHG members, are listed under the ARCHIVED PAGES menu.

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