Storry Walton recently recorded some thoughts about oral history. These clips, part of what is a much longer interview, look at the challenges of conducting good oral history interviews and address the major issues faced by anyone seeking to make use of recordings: knowing they exist and how to find them. Storry goes on to consider the particular distinctive features of Oral Histories, and what makes them such a special way of recording – and discovering – history through individual experiences.

The clips run between 1 and 2 minutes each, and there are transcripts as well! It’s worth looking at the text version as well as the video, as an exercise in how much more is conveyed by the tone of voice, by pauses and emphasis – and by gestures and facial expression. All these are discussed by Storry – particularly in parts 6, 7 and 10, but really in all of them.

Click on each video to play it, or on the title above each image to read a transcript of that section.

*Read AMOHG’s policy statements about this topic in our recent blog posts.