The website was becoming a bit (well, a quite a lot) cluttered, with some really old pages that needed updating, and a menu structure that no longer seemed to be useful in finding anything. So with the help of a couple of members of the Working Group (in particular Malcolm Smith) we’ve made some minor revisions to pages like our Role and Aims and the Position Statement, changed all the menu headings – and accordingly, shunted quite a few of the existing pages into different places. How will you ever find anything? It’s all a bit more logical, but if help is needed, there’s now an aid to navigation.

But what’s actually new??

There’s a fascinating account by Margaret Leask of her six year long project producing oral history recordings, an on-line text, and a printed book about Warwick Ross and his long-time involvement and leadership of the Elizabethan Theatre Trust. It’s a fascinating illustration of the value of oral histories, and the challenges and opportunities of changing recorded voice to printed text. Read Margaret’s blog introduction to the project, and her summary of the results of the project (plus a link to the free, downloadable, on-line version of Making Music).

Then there’s Rod Freedman’s account of five Oral History interviews he recently conducted with long-serving staff at the National Archives of Australia. This project was triggered by his work making a short film for UNESCO about the preservation work of the NAA.

And more to come . . .

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