Recent Recordings for the National Archives of Australia

Rod Freedman, in association with the Australian Media Oral History Group, has recorded five interviews of around 3-4 hours with current and past staff members who’ve worked in the audiovisual preservation area at NAA and who’ve had extensive careers in the media.

After evaluation, these interviews will be accessioned by NAA, and listed on their database.


Bethwyn-Garswood-sBETH GARSWOOD

has worked at the National Archives of Australia since 2019. Prior to that, she had an extensive career working as a freelancer in the art department of film and TV productions in varied roles from props buyer, set dresser to art director and graphic designer. Her work has been across TV commercials, short films, TV series, and feature films, including major international productions.

Dominic-Hundleby-sDOMINIC HUNDLEBY

has worked at the National Archives of Australia for 10 years, since 2012. Prior to that, he had an extensive career in various roles as a film technician, telecine operator, systems manager and librarian and colorist and grader in post-production facilities, mostly in Australia, but also in England and New Zealand.


Jane-Paterson-sJANE PATERSON

was born in New Zealand and began working there in the film industry as an assistant sound editor. She freelanced for 12 years as a film sound, sound effects and dialogue editor before moving to the Australian Film, Television & Radio School as a lecturer in Sound for 10 years. Jane joined the National Archives of Australia in 2012 and has worked in various roles in the photographic collection, in film preservation and in audio preservation. 

Pamela-Barnetta-sPAMELA BARNETTA

worked at the National Archives of Australia for 13 years, from 2006. She began her career in the film and TV industry in 1978, as an assistant editor on films, progressing to feature film editor. She’s worked as an editor on dramas and documentaries, as well as a sound editor. She was first assistant film editor on major US productions before progressing to post production coordinator, prior to joining the National Archives of Australia as a Film Preservation Officer.

Rodney-Simmons-sRODNEY SIMMONS

worked at the National Archives of Australia for 14 years. He’s now retired. Rodney started work as a film printer operator in the film laboratory at the Commonwealth Film Unit in Chatswood, Sydney. He moved to the sound department and became a location sound recordist, working on dozens of documentary and drama films and videos throughout the 1970s and eighties at Film Australia, before becoming a freelancer and working in commercial video production companies, both in production and in management.   


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