Gil Brealey 

Gil-Brealeydirector, writer, producer

Cornelia Frances 


  • (7 April 1941 – 28 May 2018)
  • English-Australian actress. After starting her career in British films she emigrated to Australia in 1970, and became known for her iconic television soap opera roles, particularly as Morag Bellingham on Home and Away .
  • Wikipedia
  • ABC

Tom E Lewis 

tom-e-lewisaka Balang Lewis, actor

Neil McDonald 

neil-mcdonaldauthor, reviewer, academic


Tony Morphett 


Bill Munro

ABC-TV producer and director

  • Bill Munro produced and directed current affairs and also controversial comedy series Our Man in Canberra (1972) – withdrawn after three episodes were made but none hade gone to air, following pressure from the Federal Government. It was rewritten as Our Man in the Company.
  • IMDB
  • Oral History interview held by NFSA (catalogue reference)

Chris Owen 

chris-owendocumentary filmmaker

John Politzer 

john-politzerFilm Distributor and then Exhibitor

  • (1934 – 2018)
  • John started working at Twentieth Century Fox in the late 50s and moved into distribution at Village Roadshow when Greg Coote offered him a job. From there he went into exhibition at Greater Union from 1979 – 1995 as the programming manager. His love of and commitment to Australian films and the local industry became evident. John secured screens for Australian films so producers and distributors could be confident of strong, wide releases and was a champion of films like Sunday Too Far Away, Caddie, Fran and Praise to name but a few.
  • Don Groves writes in IF magazine
  • Hush-Hush-Biz Obituary
  • SMH tributes (guestbook)

Ridley Williams 

ridley-williamsfilmmaker, academic

  • (05/06/1941 – 02/03/2018)
  • He mentored many filmmakers over the past 40 plus years. He taught film at QUT for 20 years and at Bond University for another 12 years.
  • ACS Vale tribute

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