malcolm_smithMalcolm Smith is a media industry veteran with over 50 years’ experience, having held senior management roles in film, television and new media organisations in Australia.

An active participant in the rebirth of the Australian film culture and industry, he was the founding CEO of Tasmanian Film Corporation, General Manager of Film Development at the Australian Film Commission, and CEO of Southern Star Communications. He has also worked for the Commonwealth Film Unit, Scope Films, the Experimental Film Fund, the South Australian Film Corporation, EquitiLink, ABC, Microsoft, OzEmail and Foxtel. His own production company was Filmsmith Pty Ltd.

He has always focussed on the advantages of new technologies and has been an active and leading participant in the transition from 35mm to 16mm film practices, film to videotape, traditional printing to desktop publishing and film editing to computer post production.

He led the charge for the introduction of personal computers into the Australian Film Commission in the early 80s.

Also – Founder Member of the Media RING (Reconciliation Industry Network Group) since 2008; Member of the Australian Media Oral History Group since 2015; Director – Link (Foundation) Limited – Trustee for the Freedman Foundation since 1998 and Director – Musica Viva 2001-06.