Elizabeth_CraigElizabeth Craig has a background in the print industry, and was co-ordinator of FBIOHG (now AMOHG) for 12 years.

After gaining an Arts Degree as a mature age student, she worked as a writer and researcher for several general interest magazines. She had joined the Oral History Association of Australia (OHAA) in 1994 because of a long held fascination with the life stories of people – especially those whose experiences differed from her own. After her retirement from full time work in 2003 she became the coordinator for oral history group FBIOHG (now AMOHG).  Elizabeth remained coordinator until 2015 as well as chairing the group for two years.

She ‘bit the bullet’ and began recording oral histories for the NFSA and also for her local Council (Sutherland Shire) in about 2005, a job she still considers a privilege for the fulfilment it offers in helping to record for posterity a social history of our fast changing times. For the NFSA Elizabeth has a particular interest in those who have been involved in television current affairs programs, as they have done so much to influence the thinking and attitudes of Australian people and institutions since the early 1960s.