dominic_caseDominic Case was Technical Manager of film laboratories Colorfilm and then Atlab for a total of thirty years, and a board member of the Australian Film Commission.

Since then he has worked in communications and public policy in the film industry. He is the author of two books on film technology, and a regular contributor to local screen journals.

After graduating in Physics he joined an English film laboratory, moving to Australia in 1974. At Colorfilm he supervised the integration of original newsreel material in the groundbreaking film Newsfront, and recreated tinting and toning effects for the restoration of the 1927 classic For the Term of His Natural Life. During this time he gained an MA in Communications & Mass Media.

Later, at Atlab (now Deluxe) he was Group Technology Manager and then Director of Communications. He was Chair of industry broadband development group FIBRE, and a Board Member (Commissioner) of the Australian Film Commission from 2003 to 2008.

More recently at the National Film and Sound Archive he was (briefly) Acting Senior Film Curator, and then Development Manager.

He is a Life Fellow of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers and the British Kinematograph Sound and Television Society.