Last year Storry Walton was interviewed about Oral History. In the interview (conducted by Malcolm Smith and recorded by Josh Marks), he spoke about why he thinks it’s important,  and he shared some fascinating insights into how video interviews differ from audio ones, about the effect of camera framing and what to do when a subject hesitates, or forgets something. And much more.

We’ve posted 12 clips here on our website. Each one runs for just a couple of minutes, and covers a different nugget (or two) of wisdom. There is now also a transcript of each one: and it’s worth looking at the transcripts as well as the videos to see a nice illustration of the points Storry makes in clips 5 (It’s about voice ) and 7 ( Face to Face) .

And see clip 11  for an extraordinary glimpse of the challenges of directing live television drama nearly sixty years ago.

Here’s the full series to choose from.

Don’t miss them.

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