Film critic Sylvia Lawson passed away on 6th November. AMOHG member Geoff Gardner shared his thoughts on his blog filmalert101, and fellow AMOHG member Graham Shirley writes this:

“Very sad news indeed. She was an untiring champion of the need for a vibrant film culture in Australia, and contributed immensely to that culture. She was also among the journalists who in the 1960s pressed for a revived Australian feature film industry, and remained a keen-eyed observer of every step of that revival.

“But her film interests always embraced the international. I vividly remember her presenting the key films of Jean Renoir to us 12 students at the then AFTS (later AFTRS) in 1973, and the robust conversations we had at NFSA Canberra when she was researching her book about John Heyer’s The Back of Beyond and viewing a wide range of world cinema milestone documentaries made before the mid-1950s.

“It’s a real bonus for history that Tina Kaufman recorded a two-hour oral history with Sylvia for NFSA in 2013.”

See some of Sylvia Lawson’s writing at Inside Story here.

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