In our lifetimes, the media has changed beyond recognition: both in  its technology and in its uses. From a handful of radio stations and a re-emerging Australian cinema, we have embraced television, videotape  (both for production and home recording), and digital cameras,: and then the internet, smart phones, video on demand (‘users’ can watch what they want, when they want it, and on whatever screen they want). The very term new media is contentious, but serves to include media other than traditional radio, television or film. But by now some of these are not so new. Change is rapid and accelerating.

newmedia-wordcloudAMOHG was formed many years ago: originally as the Film Oral History group , but soon extending to include the broadcast sector, becoming FBIOHG. In updating its interests to include all audiovisual media practitioners and their stories, the group realised that it was time for a project focusing on the pioneers in these new areas.

AMOHG member Malcolm Smith has led this initiative. His account of the project – still under way – appears here.


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