Martha Ansara writes:-
I have been corresponding with NFSA about a short, Flamingo Park  I shot for Clytie Jessop as — I just discovered — she died a couple of months ago. (see clip at
Warner Brothers bought the film and made a hundred copies of the 35mm blow up to screen as a cinema short with Dressed to Kill (!!!) –incl in the UK. I screened it for approval and it looked even better than the 16mm print. That was Colorfilm for you!
I’m sorry I never saw Clytie before she died, she had returned to London but wrote to me in 2012 on a visit. I hadn’t take it in that she was the generation before mine. Died age 87. Clytie was a very interesting person to me — Emma’s War is based on her bohemian upbringing to some extent. When she went off to England, as they all did then, and appeared as an actor in the famous Trouble in Molopolis and in a number of Mike Hammer horror films.
She was also an art curator and, as I recall, mounted shows at the SH Erwin Gallery on Observatory Hill. I also remember that she championed Australian art in London in the 1960s and had a gallery there. So Flamingo Park was very much right up her alley as Linda Jackson and Jenny Kee were just making an impression overseas at the time she made the film. Clytie was very much a part of a certain Australian milieu…..
There’s more but I must run.


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